Communication is key to a strong Nanny/Family relationship.

The most important part of a nanny/family relationship is communication. Nannies need to convey to the family what is happening with their children during the day - all of the details of a busy life! In addition, families like to see the intentional planning that an exceptional nanny does - the “why” behind the what.

We designed Our Nanny Diary to be part daily journal, part family planner. With three diaries to choose from, each has space designed to record activities, food, diapers, notes, to do lists and more. It also has special touches that help with communication on schedule, meals and other family duties. Our Nanny Diary has pages included to help with emergency contacts, packing lists, doctor and dentist visits, pet care, lesson plans and more. Resource pages are in each diary that help families and nannies stay on the same page. Also look at our Housebook and On the Job packages perfect for nannies and families. 

With a collective 60+ years in the business, Sue and Kellie have worked hard to ensure Our Nanny Diary is effective for all nannies and families. Our experience in a wide variety of homes gives us a unique perspective to help with the complicated business of nanny/family communication. Whether the nanny is focused solely on the care of children, or juggling aspects of household management, our planners can help share what is going on, what is coming up and every detail in-between in a busy home.