About Us

Our Nanny Diary was created after years of seeing nannies struggle to find ‘the perfect’ nanny diary. We took our years of experience and designed pages that are not just generic journaling pages, but nanny specific pages that will help you communicate better between nannies and families. Throw in some amazing colors and great design, and you’re set. Our products are available for immediate download or in beautifully printed and spiral bound versions, ready for use. 

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sue and kellie

 Sue Downey is the founder and powerhouse behind Nannypalooza. A professional nanny for over 25 years, Sue’s passion is helping nannies to continue on their path through our profession. She believes that as an industry, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard and that the way to do this is to invest in each other. She believes that we must be inclusive, generous and enthusiastic within our nanny communities. By reaching out to other nannies, we raise the bar on nanny care. 

Kellie Geres is an accomplished professional nanny and household manager, with over 35 years in this industry. She is the 1997 INA Nanny of the Year, 2014 DEMA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient and the 2020 INA Meritorious Service Award Recipient. She maintains several industry blogs and websites, and works with organization and placement agencies with event and social media management. She believes that you should never stop learning as a caregiver, and encourages nannies to embrace all the educational opportunities available to them.