Why Paper???

Sue Downey

Someone asked me recently why we would start a paper log company when millennials are becoming parents? Of course the assumption there is that parents now and in the future will want to use digital solutions. 

While there are many many apps and digital solutions for record keeping- I am glad we are offering a paper solution. Here are a few reasons why. 

1. Paper is more permanent. While I hope that every nanny and family relationship is long lasting and happy, we also know that nannies are not forever. Keeping a log means if there is a change in circumstances, whether it is for a day or for a week or a permanent change, the records are kept accurate and in possession of the parent. That's important. 

2. Privacy is protected. Digital solutions are fast and easy, and also way more susceptible to data breaches. And while no hacker probably wants to know how many ounces of formula little Johnny had yesterday or how many diapers Nanny changed, they may want to know your child's birthdate, insurance information, photos of your kids or whatever else you store. Plus what if a site crashes or goes out of business. You can not always access the history of your child. Important not only for a keepsake but if there is a medical or behavioral issue. 

3. We are all on the same page- literally! Keeping a paper journal in a common area like the kitchen allows for everyone to access in a moment's notice. Digital solutions may need everyone to download an app or be on the same network. They can offer up part of the picture but not necessarily offer up the same benefits for communication as when Dad comes home and glances at the diary. He can take a peek at the napping for the day and ask follow up questions. He can see in the notes section that nanny is planning an outing to the park tomorrow. Mom can see and is physically reminded that the petty cash needs replenishing. Nanny can be reminded that the family is traveling next week and get a to do list for what to pack. A paper version not only offers up information, it becomes a conversation starter. 

There are of course many other reasons I love a paper log. What about you??? 

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