Our new site!

Sue Downey

Lots to share with you all on what has been happening.

Kickstarter has helped us fund our printed and bound diaries. They are selling well and the feedback has  been so positive. We have heard many stories from nannies and families that they work and that they live happily in the kitchen helping things go smoothly. We also have had many great suggestions on improvements. We are working on those! 

We will be launching some new add ons - printed and bound- to go along with the diaries. One aimed at Household Management and one aimed at Newborn Care. These will compliment the weekly or monthly planners. 

You may have noticed we are on a new site. Shopify is our new home. This lets us offer even more functionality for you- our customers. The site is better organized and still allows you to either purchase a complete diary or download sheets and make your own. And more downloads are on the way. 

Thanks for making this year so amazing. We see nothing but joy and growth in the future!! 

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