Why we started this passion project???

Sue Downey

When Kellie and I started talking about this project, I knew that we were on to something. We are both avid office supply junkies. We both know our way around a planner. Kellie’s love of post it notes is legendary.

But while we both have created nanny books, journal pages, daily logs etc… for various families in our careers, we had never found something that merged it all together. AND looked pretty! So we decided to bring together all of the fun of a planner, the insights we have by working in homes with families for the last 20 plus years and create something customizable, fun and helpful.

Keeping a daily log, journal or nanny book for a family is so important. Not only does it help a family understand what you do all day (and highlight that you do A GREAT DEAL all day), it also helps keep important records and allows transitions from parents to caregivers to be more consistent. It can help you record hours, important medicines. It can assist you in scheduling, behavior plans, teaching and can be a tool for performance reviews.

Most of all it is a powerful tool for communication between nanny and family. This is the heart of a successful nanny/family relationship. It all starts and ends with good communication.

We hope you will find a value in what we are trying to create. We have so many ideas for ways to make this a must have tool for all families. If you have suggestions please send them our way. We are just getting started!!



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